Our GIS and database services are integrated into TerraGraphics’ overall Environmental Restoration approach to planning and management by providing a complete solution. TerraGraphics offers a number of services in the field of mapping, geographical analysis, and database design and maintenance.

All of our databases are compatible with state-of-the-art research facilities and are linked to GIS and SAS to provide spatial and quantitative analysis capabilities uncommon to those typically found in environmental engineering businesses. We use GIS on a large number of projects emphasizing our spatial analytical capabilities. Terragraphics produced nationally recognized publications using GIS techniques to evaluate the effectiveness of the health remedy and integrate the database with GIS for display and analysis. TerraGraphics also creates AutoCAD construction plot plans based on the sample maps, results, and the walkthrough notes.

These tools allow for the accurate mapping, tracking, and spatial analysis of geographical data. Our services include:

  • Stormwater Management & System Design
  • Database Integration with Geospatial Features
  • Full Service Geospatial Analysis Laboratory
  • Commercial Map Printing
  • Mapping and Cartography
  • Geospatial Resource Planning
  • Kriging & Variography
  • Geo-statistic Evaluation
  • Migration Pattern Analysis
  • Emergency Preparedness Planning
  • Geospatial Data Interpretation
  • Global Positioning Systems collection and integration with GIS data
  • Hydrologic Assessments of Watersheds & Basins
  • Watershed Interpretation
  • Hazard Mapping
  • Population Density Analysis
  • Multi-spectral Imagery Analysis
  • Land Use Planning (NEPA Compliance)